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Screeemfest at Canobie Lake Park
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Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest Logo Where Fear Meets Fun
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Salem, NH
$38 Under 48in or 60+ $23
Under 4 free
New Hampshire's largest amusement park gets creepy.With a new haunts for 2017, The Culling. Don't miss Rockctoberfest with a different band every weekend. For the kids check out the Magic Seed farm themed area & petting zoo and the Pumpkin house
Dates & Hours - Sept 23rd $ 30th Oct 7, 8, 14, 21, 28 1pm - 11pm
Sept 24th Oct 1, 9, 15, 22, 29 1pm - 8pm | Sept 29 Oct 6, 13, 20, 27 6pm - 11pm
Specials - Friday: $34, $30 with coupon | Sunday: $34, after 5pm $30
Current Haunts

The Culling (2017 New Haunt)
Location - Bear Plaza
It's said "No one knew when The Culling would occur." Strange things are happening deep in the corn field of bear plaza. What terrors have mutated beyond the wood church like structure are unknown.

Carnivus (2016 - Present)
Location - Skating Rink
Little is know About the sudden closure of Merriment Incorporated. It's shutter warehouse sat dormant until overnight a big top appeared. Those walking by have reported hearing not laughter but Screams bellowing form the big top.

Canobie Lake Hotel (2015 - present)
Location - Skating Rink
Canobie Hotel brings in a new level of fright. Do you dare to check in? The haunt replacing Dead Shed and is an entirely new haunt. Heightened themeing and lighting can be fought throughout and outside of this new attraction.

Black Hallow Cove (2015 - Present)
Location - Castaway Island
Their be Pirates Looming on the shores of Castaway island and you know what pirate say, "Dead man tell no Tails." This attraction Replaced Head Hunters at Cannibal Lake and uses some scenes from the parks retired Dead Shed haunt

The Village (2009 - Present)
Location - Ye Old Canobie Village
Evil is unleashed upon The Village that resides around the North Policy Mine. The mine might be dead but the villagers are undead, This haunt was expanded in 2013 and then again in 2014 to add even more frightful moments

Past Haunts

Virus (2013 - 2016)
Location - Relocated to Bear Plaza
Bio hazard warning in effect as this Science themed Zombie attraction might just drive you mad. Replacing the short lived Daemons of Darkness Virus is a high end haunt that push all your senses as highly themed sets drive the story.

Merriment Incorporated (2009 - 2015)
Located - Skating Rink
One of the original Screeemfest haunts. This clown themed haunt can be found at a number of location but Canobie went to great strides to make it their own added unique rooms and Recycling old park items. The ride saw a number of small upgrades over the year but one of the biggest can In 2013 with the addition of a vortex tunnel. The Haunt was replaced with Carnivus.

Terror In The Corn: Invasion (2014 - 2015) Up-charge attraction
Location - Big Bear Plaza, Behind Untamed
This Alien themed laser tag haunt was an extra charge attraction. The haunt operated a a small corn field that also functioned as the Magic seed petting zoo during the day. in 2015 the haunt was expended with a few hallways recycled form the former dead shed haunt.

Dead Shed (2009 - 2014)
Location - Skating Rink
One of the park original haunts and one of the most detailed. The haunt saw many changes over the years but it's key theme, of mad hillbillies wanting you out stayed true its entire run. The haunt featured mad hillbillies, Lighting effects, physical effects, and Scent machines to provide smells like flesh, chickens, and more. The haunt was replaced by the Canobie Hotel.

Headhunters of Cannibal Lake (2012 - 2014)
Location - Castaway Island
After proving itself as a successfully Fright Zone the Cannibal Lake attraction was expanded to a full haunt and renamed Headhunters of Cannibal Lake. The haunt used tensing lined with bamboo and tropical themeing to set up the haunts path. Some of the water parks gazebos were used as well. This haunt like Terror in the corn was heavily smoked and had a number of lighting effects. The haunt was replaced by Black Hallow Cove.

Terror In the Corn (2012 - 2013)
Location - Train Turn around near Castaway Island
This attraction had the longest operating hours. In the day time it was a none scary corn maze later the Magic Seed. As dusk settled in a thick smoke filled the maze and blinding lights filled the corridors of the corn maze as the scarecrows came alive.Teh attraction was relocated behind Untamed and converted into an alien themed laser tag upcharge attraction.

Demons of Darkness (2011 only)
Location -Dance Hall
This attraction was a Simple attraction featuring corridors in a pitch black room. only light offered was from a light stick giving out to the leader of the group. Loud noise and sounds filled the room. this attraction was more about physiological scares over practical ones. it was also the first time the Dance hall was used for a haunt since Spooky World.

Cannibal Lake Fright Zone (2011 only)
Location -Castaway Island Midway
This fright zone had no turns but used the midway as a themed area with a shipwrecked boat, props, smoke, and performers. The event only lasted for ne year but proved popular enough to get an expansion into a full haunt it's the only Fright zone the park has created for Screeemfest.

Spooky World at Canobie Lake Park (2008 only)
Location - Park Wide with haunts in Dance hall
Spooky World launched a new seasonal tradition for the park. Teaming up with New England's premier Haunted attraction giving it a new home after it was no longer able to operate at the Bayside Expo Center in boston, MA. The event also Saw spooked up version of the Mine of Lost Souls and Canobie Express as well as A magic show and The start of the monster parade, Still going today. Spooky World Featured three haunted houses all located Dance hall: The Crypt:, Monster Mansion, and The Laboratory in 3D.

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